About Us

About Us

Meet Our Team:

Both John and Philip take special care for their clients and focus to meet their needs when the time comes for full dentures, partials or dentures with implants. The team here truly believes that everybody should have good, functional teeth, helping to enjoy the experience of eating and also have a beautiful, confident smile they can be proud of. Our team looks forward to the opportunity to work with you!

John Sander

Licensed Denturist

John Sander is our licensed denturist at Magic Valley Denture Center. He's been making dentures for 50+ years.

As a young man just out of Bible College, John entered a missionary dentistry training school in Tijuana, Mexico operated by a mission organization based in Michigan. After graduating, John and his wife, Adonna, prepared to go to the mission field in Africa as missionary dentist but due to the current politics of the time, the doors were closed.

John has worked in mission fields in the United States and Haiti and has pastored a number of churches over the years.

After settling in Twin Falls, ID, John began working for Lee Barnes, a denturist and a pioneer in making denturity a licensed practice. John became a licensed denturist in 1989 while working for Lee Barnes. When Lee retired, John bought the business, MAGIC VALLEY DENTURE CENTER (MVDC).

Philip Watkins


Philip Watkins is our intern at MVDC and is a nephew of John Sander. He is currently going to Dental Hygienist/Assistant training at CSI, Twin Falls and will become a fully licensed denturist by November 2023. He is a great addition to the team and shows a wonderful work ethic, excellent customer service skills and precision in denturity.

Philip joined the USMC in 2007, as an 18-year-old just out of high school, with 9/11 being a big influence in this life decision. He was deployed to Afghanistan and God, in His mercy, brought him safely home in 2012. Philip is married to the beautiful love of his life, Julianna, and they have 2 perfect little boys, Oliver (20 months) and Walter (just a month old!), you know their household is going to be busy for years to come!