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Missing teeth create gaps in your smile that can lead to confidence problems, reduced chewing function and oral health issues in severe cases. Fortunately, you can rely on Magic Valley Denture Center to restore your smile. For over five decades, we've been the premier denturists in Twin Falls, ID and the Magic Valley area.

A denturist is a denture specialist who works directly with patients to create the smiles that they desire. We can create everything in-house, including full and partial dentures. Since we can handle the entire denture creation process on-site, we can make the necessary changes quickly and easily. You'll also enjoy a simple, streamlined process for repairs and relines.


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What sets us apart?

We have a three-generation legacy of providing denture solutions and high-quality denture care. Our care for our patients extends beyond making dentures, but also covers all the necessary aftercare.

We're committed to excellence in every aspect of denture creation and care. Contact us today for more information about our denture center.

Trust us with your denture needs

With 50+ years of experience handcrafting dentures, we have what it takes to create dentures that meet your needs. As part of our simple process, we will...

Step 1

Set up a Free consultation if you have questions.

Step 2

Impressions and measurements

Step 3

Try-in stage. Teeth are set in wax to confirm setup and make any desired changes.

Step 4

Denture processed in our in-house Lab.

Step 5

New dentures are delivered to you and adjusted to fit.

We'll go above and beyond to make sure your dentures fit perfectly. Get in touch with us now for a free consultation on new dentures.